The missing turtle

 Little girl lost her turtle

She cried a loud but no one heard her

Little turtle where have you been?

She can’t replace you even though you can’t be seen


Little girl wiping off her tears

She know she can found you somewhere near

Oh gosh! The little turtle is over there

Happy in the ocean with someone else


Little turtle forgot the little girl

She was replaced with another girl

Little girl began to cry

But she stopped when she saw the skies


Little girl is now happy with the skies

While she’s watching the skies she sighs

“I’ll follow my beautiful dreams just like the skies”

She realized that her dreams are more important than to cry


Little girl is now walking not only with the skies

Little girl is also walking with the stars

Someday the little girl will forget her little turtle

She will be successful with glam and dazzle





Adventure Awaits

Today April 25, 2017 a new journey for me will start. I will be sharing my thoughts, memories, and emotions. I entered a new world with full of surprises. I entered a world where I could express myself. At this young age I want to explore more, I want to teach myself how to be mindful about things, and I want to meet a lot of people who can be part of my journey. Many challenges awaits and I am excited to face it because I know I am walking through the right path and I know that in everything I do, God is always with me and that’s the same thing for you.adventure-awaits-decal